Writing Breaks and Hiking Breaks

You might have noticed a significant writing break on this blog; there’s good reasons for it.

Around April, I put my attention toward finishing up a large writing project—a book, which is finally drafted. I needed head-space to make that happen, so I took a break from writing here. I’m now seeking representation for it (something I’ve never done for my previous books).

Around the same time, Mindy and I also set out on a 15 day road/hiking trip out West, which included seven national parks and recreation areas, eleven states, and 4,600 miles. It was amazing and we’re already planning our next one. (More about that later).

I intend to continue writing here when I have time and have new posts planned. So keep an eye out for them. Share them; print them; nail them to telephone poles (isn’t that how social media works?).

More then…

The Grand Canyon. Photo Credit: Brandon Withrow. Use with credit to thecuriousape.com.