Valentine’s Day Launches the First Annual #WorldBonoboDay

February 14 is Valentine’s Day and it is also the first World Bonobo Day (#WorldBonoboDay). Bonobos are an amazing but endangered species. (And yes, that is a bonobo in our logo.) To celebrate #WorldBonoboDay—the brain child of The Bonobo Project—I wrote a quick article over at HuffPost about what makes them special and why Valentine’s Day was chosen.

Hint: the bonobo creed of make love not war might have something to do with it. So read the article and tell your friends about #WorldBonoboDay. And if you’re so inclined, stop by the Bonobo Conservation Initiative’s Crowdrise page and be one of the 15,000 supporting the 15,000 bonobos remaining on this planet.

Yes, bonobos continue to tell us a lot about ourselves, and yes, they are incredibly fascinating animals, but they are also endangered. There are approximately only 15,000 bonobos left in the world due to the destruction of their exclusive habitat by logging and the targeting of them by bushmeat hunters in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We need to preserve their species not simply for what they tell us about ourselves or because they are a scientific fascination, but because it is the right thing to do.

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