How Represented Are the Religiously Unaffiliated in Politics? (CHART)

In July and August I wrote two articles on joining the religiously unaffiliated in America. The first appeared at the Chronicle of Higher Education (“Losing Faith in Religious Higher Education“) and the second in The Guardian (“When we give up a faith, we grieve for the community we leave behind“).

The religiously unaffiliated are those that check “atheist,” “agnostic,” or “nothing in particular” in surveys of religion in America (see Pew’s study). It is a fast-growing category in the U.S. and the second largest with 23 percent of Americans in its ranks.

When I left religion behind, however, I went from being in the most-represented constituency (Christianity) in congress to near the bottom.

But how many members of congress represent the unaffiliated ranks? For that sad bit of information, see our infographic below. Feel free to pass it around.