Full Frontal’s Michael Rubens Interviews a Fake News Creator

Fake news is the talk of real news everywhere (see “Why Fact-Checking Fake News Backfires“) and this week Michael Rubens of Full Frontal interviews a fake news provider, Jestin Coler. Coler has his own way of (fake?) handling his role in spreading misinformation—he says he wanted to educate consumers on “how to best identify” fake versus real.

Hmm, maybe try harder?

In light of the #pizzagate shooting, fake news—by which I don’t mean clear satire of The Daily Show—has negative real world consequences that go beyond the gullible. They lead to people taking more time to pack their weapons than to double-check the story before heading off to do their own form of justice. Rubens asks Coler about his role in this mess (see below).

(Also, if you’re not watching Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, you’re not living.)

Fake News, Real Consequences

Additionally, check out this (HT: Friendly Atheist) video on the inability of adult and student readers to identify fake news and asks what can be done about it. The section begins around the 36:40 mark in the video and is definitely worth the time to watch.

The High Shares of Fake News

Photo: Freestocks CC0 Unsplash.com