Defend Science by Celebrating It

Ever wonder what would happen if a scientifically ignorant and antagonistic political party took over the United States? Wonder no longer, for 2017 is here to remind you that those scenarios are not limited to dystopian novels.

From the National Parks System to the EPA, budgets are being cut and science—the type of science we need to protect this planet (our only planet)—is under attack.

The March for Science is currently being planned and—assuming they can finally get settled on a date—I hope to participate in some form. (Please say they’re not waiting on peer review.) Like the Women’s March, making noise is an essential part of protecting anything. It is apparent, after all, that the current administration and Congress is incapable of just doing the right thing.

But there is an additional way to protect science—celebrate it.

Prior to the inauguration, for example, my Twitter feed was full of science stories, and while they haven’t disappeared entirely, the news of this study or that breakthrough or another discovery are being drowned in the cacophony of Tweets all directed at the president in protest.

We need to protest, but we also need to remind people of what science does in every area of life.

So share science news widely. Share it’s successes. Fund it. Remind everyone why we need it, not only in what happens without it, but the potential future we have with it.

Defend science by celebrating it.


Image: Logo for March for Science.