About The Curious Ape

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ~ Albert Einstein

All of the great apes show some level of curiosity, but humans are by far the most ambitiously curious among them. Curiosity is an attribute that primates embody, a natural part of our evolutionary past, and essential for our survival as a species. It took us from the trees, to the oceans, to new continents, to life in orbit, and on to journeys beyond our own solar system.

And it took the editors of this website on a long personal journey.

Who are we?married writing team with nine books between us, we have blogged together for years. But as our paths separately and together began to take on a new intellectual direction, we launched this site in July 2015 to more deliberately celebrate human curiosity and demonstrate that inquisitiveness in action.

Is that a bonobo in our logo? Yep. We wanted to honor our favorite non-human primate (and closest relative). If you’re not a fan yet, go watch this video of Kanzi the bonobo roasting marshmallows. We’ll wait.

What should you expect? Expect questions, and our best possible rational answers.

Expect excursions into science, philosophy, literature, food, art, sex, and whatever else happens to fascinate us at the moment.

Expect occasional info on where we’re publishing and new book projects.

Please join us in celebrating curiosity, seeking to know ourselves, and discovering the universe around us.